By becoming a proud 1% For The Planet partner, we can choose to support specific environmental revitalization projects and empower our followers to give back. 1% For The Planet works to restore pieces of the environment with actions, such as planting trees, environmental justice, fighting pollution, and countless other projects. We realized that simple, yet thoughtful actions can slowly counteract carbon emissions from online shopping.

As a 1% For the Planet partner, we pledge 1% of our yearly profits to an environmental revitalization project in order to do our part to reverse climate change as best as possible and invest in improved ecosystems for the future of our planet. 1% For The Planet is a reliable and experienced organization, prioritizing human rights, meaningful impacts on communities and our natural world. This organization has helped brands, like eunoia, make significant strides for environmental change, which is why we are proud to be a partner. Read more about 1% For The Planet here.