Top 10 Sustainable Bikinis To Buy This Summer

Written by Eunoia House

The Summer 2020 we planned and Summer 2020 we are getting are not exactly the same. The pandemic has greater power in controlling our lives than we have right now. Your perfectly planned beach stay may not work with the current situation but does that mean you won’t need your swimwear? No way, your staycation still needs the best bikini for Summer 2020. Be it a golden sandy palm-fringed beach or a simple inflatable pool in a backyard, there is always room for a two-piece swimwear with a sexy yet elegant feel. It’s also never too early to have a perfect bikini ready for action whenever you can continue with your travel plans. 

In 2020, the best swimwear must undoubtedly be sustainable. The majority of swimwear brands use synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester for their products, which means the production process is based on petroleum oil. These fabrics are not biodegradable and will take decades to break down. Fortunately, there are a number of eco-conscious brands that offer sustainably produced swimwear, combining beauty and responsibility. Here is a list of the best bikinis of 2020 made with sustainably sourced materials for you to choose from for this summer.


  1. Bamba Swim


Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 7.30.04 AM.png

BAMBA swimwear offers the Mona Bra, an 80s-inspired bikini featuring minimal aesthetics. It’s made from ECONYL - “100% regenerated nylon from post-consumer materials.” Mona Bra has a unique and fun print. The 80% Recycled Nylon and 20% Spandex material combination encourages constant body movement and the bra is pretty adaptable to different fits. Anna Marie Reilly posted a picture on Instagram showing her Mona Bra by Bamba in style. Mona Bra is a great bikini for a woman who is traveling to Ibiza because the colorful pattern contrasts well with the natural landscape of Ibiza while still matching the party scene.

2. She Made Me

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.40.27 AM.png

This She Made Me piece reduces waste and deadstock fashion by producing only a limited number of pieces ethically hand crocheted by artisans from Indonesia and India. The Essential Crochet Classic Bottom in bright pink is a comfortable yet still sophisticated bikini. The strong pink hue is the perfect pop of color against the powerful natural blues of the ocean on the island of Capri, the ideal European summer vacation spot to wear this swimsuit for.

3. Solid and Striped

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 1.43.50 PM.png

Solid and Striped always creates elegant and simple designs. In true form, this 90s style Harley top references vintage lingerie while providing plenty support for your breasts. With the all-important adjustable straps, you can easily find your perfect fit. The accompanying bottom, with its slight rise, continues the vintage lingerie allusion in a sexy but still classy way. The silhouette of the bottom emphasizes the curve of the hips and the length of the legs. This is an amazing cut that delivers a sexy look with a James Bond feel to it. The dark fabric has a slight shine that reminisces on onyx and gives a timeless elegance to the piece. This two-piece would look perfect for the babe who is traveling to the French Riviera, especially if she is planning on staying at Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc.

4. Frankies Bikinis

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.05.21 PM.png

According to Frankies Bikinis, their swimwear are “produced using the sustainable swim fabric Amni Soul Eco, the only eco-friendly polyamide yarn in the world. This innovative technology allows clothing to quickly decompose after being properly disposed of in landfills. Unlike other fibers that take decades to be decomposed, Amni Soul Eco takes approximately three years to be eliminated from the planet.” This straight-cut bikini has such a simple cut that is elevated by the fun and edgy black & white print. The ties at the shoulder straps not only allow for adjustment but also give feminine details to further enrich the look. This set instantly brings back 90’s supermodel feels. Black and white prints will never go out of style, and this will always be a great staple investment piece. This bikini set would be the perfect two-piece to wear in St.Tropez, with gold jewelry and a cute straw hat. I can see a woman wearing this as she goes to eat and party at Bagatelle beach in St.Tropez.

5. Hunza G

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.07.18 PM.png

This celebrity favorite brand and fabric is the most comfortable swimsuit to wear all day long but looks luxurious. Made in London, this Hunza G bikini is cut from stretchy seersucker and adapts to many figures. It's soft and comfy to lounge in for hours. “The crinkle fabric is knit in a local mill in the Midlands, dyed thereafter, then processed and dried before being sent to their Central London studio where each garment is cut and made. Each piece is hand-finished and made to order, limiting any possible dead-stock fabric and unsold finished garments. Through the production process, the company takes many steps to minimize waste.” This is a beautiful and fun lilac color and would be a great choice for a boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

6. Fisch

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.10.23 PM.png


Fisch's 'Chanzy' bikini briefs have cute side-ties and a fun squiggly pattern on a light blue fabric. This baby blue print is super calm, feminine, and sexy. The briefs are made from ECONYL. This set is perfect for the beach babe who is going for that effortless look. I can see this woman in Mykonos, sipping a cocktail at Skorpios, chilling and dancing by the sea.

7. Lisa Marie Fernandez

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.13.36 PM.png


The Poppy bikini brings retro vibes with its 60’s-style design. The cute tie on the top can be adjusted for best fit, and the bottom’s high-rise allows for you to play those beach sports with comfort and ease. The sailor-style buttons are lined in an upward-narrowing angle, giving your body an hour-glass silhouette. The pink print reminds me of another retro activity: picnics! Although never out of style, picnics have really come back into popularity under COVID-19. This fun and cute bikini will likely inspire you to have a picnic at the beach! It’s also perfect to wear in Ravello while eating the classic lemon pasta dish and enjoying the mesmerizing view.

8. Reformation

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.16.07 PM.png

The Cape Bikini is a light and stretchy swimsuit from Reformation, made with 78% Recycled Polyester and 22% Lycra. The fabric in the front of the bikini can be moved to your desired width, while the back of the bottom shows off your round bottom. The leopard print is very sexy, cool, and comfortable. This tiny bikini is perfect to wear at St.Tropez’s Nikki Beach when the champagne showers hit, or for a cute selfie.

9. She Made Me

Woman in the swim suit


This one-shouldered bikini top from She Made Me plays with an asymmetrical shape to create a fun but chic look. The elegant neutral color balances the youthful tassel detailing. It has an adjustable shoulder tie, allowing the perfect fit for every body. It’s not just practical, however. The cut of the top shows off the beautiful curves of the shoulder and neck. I can imagine someone wearing this two-piece in Forte Dei Marmi, with a big beautiful straw hat and pearl earrings, eating hazelnut ice cream while chatting with her girlfriends.

10. Bamba Swim

Woman in the yellow swim suit

This vintage-style yellow bikini from Bamba can bring a retro vibe to your beach days. Made using Econyl, the Farrah Bikini in lemon creates a beautiful silhouette for all bodies. If you want to create an illusion of longer legs and a perky butt, this is the bikini for you. The pastel yellow is a great summer color to match your sun-kissed skin, which you can work on wearing these high-cut Farrah bottoms. The sexy top can be styled in several ways, with the straps coming from the sides as shown on the picture, coming from the front middle of the bra, or even with no straps at all. The person wearing this bikini in Ibiza will surely run into the water with a big smile on her face, laughing and radiating happiness.


Can it be any easier than this to get the best bikini for summer 2020? Considering all these amazing swimwear created consciously for the planet and its people, this season is definitely the summer of sustainability.