Charities That Support Our Planet

Written by Eunoia


Are we running out of time to prevent the irreversible and disastrous depletion of our planet’s resources? Scientists have concluded that we are in a planetary emergency. Little actions that may harm the environment may eventually turn into a global tipping point. When we reach the peak of no return, we are the ones at a loss.

How Can We Help Save Our Planet?

We can’t stop all the environmental changes that are happening. But we can reduce the risks and prevent adding to the problem. Saving our planet is not a problem that only a few people can solve. Collaboration with different organizations from the government, businesses, charities, and communities can create more impact.

As an individual, how can you help? We humans should take action towards sustainability and environmental awareness. As an individual, how can you help? Small deeds can help mitigate significant changes.

One way you can help mitigate climate change is by supporting environmental charities. Charities and organizations play a vital role in spreading environmental awareness. 

List of Charities that Support Our Planet

Red sun and people on the beach


This organization connects people with charities that aim to help through social responsibility projects. You can join a community of monthly donors that gives support to the people that are saving the Earth. For your little donation, you can help them in achieving their goal. You can download their app to get updates on where your donation goes. Be with them as the change happens. Here are some of their projects where you can contribute.

Did you know that 50% of the oxygen we breathe is from the ocean? Aside from that, 80% of  beings live in the ocean. It would affect our lives if the oceans couldn’t sustain the lives within them. Through Milkywire’s project, you can give donations to help preserve and protect the marine ecosystem. 

Through your donations, you can help several grassroots organizations mitigate climate change. It will also help pursue innovative projects that will help the environment.

Our ecosystem is very intricate. Each animal, plant, and even the smallest organisms have a role in the environment. Protecting wildlife is important in upholding rich biodiversity. It will also prevent illegal poachers and pollution.

This project of Milkywire aims to save endangered bees. Bees have a significant contribution to sustainable farming pollination. No matter how much your donation is, it matters.

Sea Grass



This organization aims to increase biodiversity and generate a coastal ecosystem. They also help create jobs and sustain the livelihood of  climate-change-affected communities.

Here are some projects of SeaTrees.

This project of SeaTrees aims to restore and protect 1000 hectares of a mangrove forest on Biak’s Island. The local villagers will be the ones to plant different mangrove species. This will help the environment and create jobs for the people in Biak’s Island community.

Another project of the organization is the Ridge to Reef program. The primary goal is to protect 497,000 hectares of Cambodia’s coastal watershed. The project helps create 200+ jobs and helps almost 16,000 people in the community of Cambodia. You are also helping to protect the marine environment and the creatures living in it.

Kelp forests are marine life habitats that help fight the emission of carbon dioxide. They can do the work of sequestering carbon dioxide as much as mangrove forests do. Kelp is one of the fastest-growing organisms. It can grow up to two feet a day and be a habitat for over 700 marine life species. Support this project now and help in kelp’s restoration.

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Treedom is a tree foundation. They developed an online platform in which someone plants a tree in your name,and you can track its growth online.

Founded in 2010, Treedom has already planted over 1,000,000 trees in different parts of the world. All trees planted by the farmers bring social, financial, and environmental benefits. This means you are helping not only the environment but also the farmer who planted your tree.

  • Treedom contributes to 10 out of the United Nations’ 17 goals for sustainable development. This includes: No poverty, zero hunger, quality education, gender equality, economic growth, responsible consumption, climate action, life on land, reduced inequalities, and partnership for the goals.

Bee and the flower


A beekeeper for over 20 years, Mr. Bill Tomaszewski established Planet Bee as a non-profit organization. It aims to provide care to struggling bees. These struggling bees are a big help to our environment and ecosystem. They handle the pollination of flowers and fruits that we eat.

Planet Bee’s projects include:  a virtual learning program to promote environmental education about bees, a program that provides flowers to the bees (students plant flowers), an awareness program about the importance of bees for corporate team building, and hands-on beekeeping workshops. 

You can support Planet Bee through donations.  For a $10 donation, you are already supporting one student’s e-learning program. The donation package is valid for an entire month. Aside from monetary donations, the non-profit organization also accepts in-kind donations. You can donate services, seeds, and supplies. Last, you can also donate by online shopping via Amazon Smile.