November Picks for our Bébés

Time to reflect on the wild summer that has passed and to set intentions for the remainder of the fall and the upcoming winter. Here are our favorites for the month of November, from TV to hotels. 

1. The mantra of the month

As the leaves continue to change color, we find ourselves drawn to the stillness and introspection of November. It's a time to reflect on the wild summer that has passed and to set intentions for the remainder of the fall and the upcoming winter. Every month, we make a conscious effort to connect with our inner selves and to find peace in the midst of crazy work weeks and holidays. Lock in to manifest the exact life you want, eunoia bébés.

2. Health & Wellness 

For a health favorite, we have to highlight Dogpound membership. Dogpound is a celebrity-favorite gym that offers a variety of high-intensity workouts. We love the fact that the classes are always challenging and that the instructors are so motivating. 

3. TikTok

We always find ourselves feeling peaceful after coming across a TikTok video that resonates with us. Here is one that evoked so much happiness and romantic feelings. Watch it here:

4. Podcast 

We love the Yale's Founder Series Podcast. This podcast features interviews with young entrepreneurs and innovators of all ages. We love hearing the stories of successful people and learning from their business experiences. This month, our founder Lili was featured. 

5. Favorite eunoia piece 

This month, we have been loving our Shakespeare Dress (coming soon). This dress is made from recycled deadstock fabrics from luxury houses and is incredibly comfortable to wear. We love that we can look romantic and feminine while also being environmentally conscious. 

6. Sustainable Highlight (Innovative)

3D printed pearls are the coolest alternative to traditional pearls. They are made from recycled materials, such as tree sap, and are just as beautiful and durable. We are excited to eventually incorporate these pearls into our design process. 

7. Favorite Food

For us, Peete's Pumpkin Pie is the perfect fall dessert. It's rich, creamy, full of pumpkin flavor, and it’s an NYC favorite.

8. Favorite Hotel

We absolutely love Habitas Hotels. Habitas is a collection of sustainable hotels located in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Habitas is committed to sustainability, so its hotels are designed to complement the natural environment. Habitas just opened their Neom location, which is our current fav. 

9. Sensual

We have to shout out Goop Sex Toy Shop Goop is a unique lifestyle brand that offers a wide variety of products, including sex toys. We love the fact that Goop is committed to providing high-quality sexy products that are sleek and fun.

10. Film/TV

Gilmore Girls is our nostalgic comfort show that can always be rewatched. From the characters to the dialogue and the setting, Gilmore Girls is just a feel-good show.