March Picks for our bébés

Once again, we've collected some spiritual, health, entertainment and fashion picks for this month that have resonated with us and may do the same for you. Yay for spring! 


As the spring breeze gets a little warmer and the sun sets later in the day, March is all about a fresh relief from routine and an opportunity to try something new and fantastic. We've collected some spiritual, health, entertainment, and fashion picks for this month that have resonated with us and may do the same for you.

1. Spiritual: Sound Healing with Farzana Ali

On a calm note, our favorite spiritual thing this month has been Farzana Ali’s gentle sound healing sessions. These sessions include playing different instruments by Farzana which create vibrations that encourage deeper relaxation and mental clarity. It is one form of meditation that quiets the mind while making it work in harmony with frequencies within one’s body. If you want solace amidst your busy schedule, sound healing is an alternative experience worth trying.


2. Health: The Cold Plunge Craze

Back on the health front, we love plunging into cold baths as many mornings as possible. This practice involves dipping yourself into cold water known to boost blood flow, reduce swelling, and elevate mood levels. Spas around the globe are installing specialized bathtubs just for this purpose. Exciting way of waking up the body plus boosting its senses! The Bathhouse Spa in Brooklyn, New York, offers a wonderful cold plunge experience. 


3. TikTok Pick: Odeon Giunti 

TikTok is a great place for finding inspiration for new adventures. The most interesting video that caught our eye this month is that of a location in Florence. This building, Odeon Giunti, is a library, cinema, and cafeteria all in one. This video was a nice reminder of how we should strive to explore new places. 

4. Podcast Pick: Huberman Lab "Asi Wind: What Magic & Mind Reading Reveal about the Brain"

The Huberman Lab podcast has always been an endless source of valuable information, and this month’s featured episode is no different. Dr Andrew Huberman explains complex human biology and relates it to everyday living experiences. It’s educational, interactive, and enlightening — what could be better for those on-the-move learners?

Asi Wind, a world-famous magician and mind-reader, is the main character in this episode. He investigates the psychology behind magic tricks and mentalism. He explores how magicians fabricate and control memories, why storytelling and emotional attachment are vital in magic, and what he does to improve his creativity through his love for art and usual day activities as he tries to teach us something about how we experience life with our senses learning system.

5. Favorite eunoia: Classic Crochet Bikini Top

Spring signals the return of warmer weather and with it, we start to anticipate beach days. Our Classic Crochet Bikini Top, in the color Millennial, is a favorite this month. Not only does it boast a chic and timeless design, but the product is made from 100% crochet and plant-based fabrics. 


6. Sustainability Spotlight: Dead-stock Fabrics

Dead-stock fabrics have become a key interest of ours. These are leftover fabrics from fashion houses that instead of being wasted, are turned into new pieces. This practice supports a more sustainable fashion industry by reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. An interesting fact is that our Lovers Collection is made from dead-stock fabrics. 

7. Culinary Delight: Lemon Pasta

March's favorite dish has been zesty lemon pasta. It’s a simple yet flavorful meal, with a touch of spring. Pair it with a sweet white wine for a delightful dinner that's sure to impress. Here's a great recipe by Bon Appétit

8. Luxurious Lodging: Claridge’s Hotel

If you're planning a getaway, Claridge’s in London offers an unparalleled stay. Known for its timeless elegance and impeccable service, it’s the epitome of luxury. Whether you're sipping afternoon tea or sinking into the plush bedding, Claridge’s ensures a memorable and lavish experience.

9. Sensual Series: The goop lab

Watching the goop lab on Netflix has been our sensual favorite for those evenings in. This show explores a range of topics from health to intimacy, all while encouraging viewers to live their most fulfilling lives. Episode 3 highlights acceptance and self-love during sex through therapeutic experiences. This episode reminds us to overcome shame and embrace rituals that are designed to guide one toward embracing sensuality.

10. TV/Film: "Life Is Beautiful"

Revisiting classics, “Life Is Beautiful” remains a cinematic masterpiece that captures the heart like no other. This film, with its compelling story, reminds us of resilience and the power of love and imagination