As the warmth of spring reinvigorates us, we are excited to share a curated list of favorites for this month. Happy Taurus season. 

As the warmth of spring reinvigorates us, we are excited to share a curated list of favorites for this month. Happy Taurus season. 

Spiritual/Health: Open-Eye Meditation Techniques

Open-eye techniques offer a unique way to integrate mindfulness with our environment, grounding us more deeply in the present. This practice helps in maintaining focus and awareness throughout our daily activities. This is the best way to start the morning. 

TikTok Spotlight: @astronovas_ Astrology

If you're scrolling through TikTok for cosmic insight, @astronovas_ offers captivating astrology videos. This video content offers a fresh perspective on astrological events.  

Podcast Pick: The Business of Fashion Podcast

For those fascinated by the intricate workings of the fashion industry, The Business of Fashion Podcast offers deep dives into fashion mechanics and trends that make fashion what it is today. We love this podcast and recommend listening to it.

Fav eunoia: Our Black Feminine Set 

Our eunoia highlight this month is our stunning Feminine Set. It’s the perfect outfit for embracing the beauty of spring with effortless style, elegance, and comfort.

Sustainable Highlight: Business of Fashion Podcast Episode 'Responsibility: How Can Luxury Balance Profit and With Purpose?'

Continuing with fashion insights, The Business of Fashion Podcast often explores sustainability within the industry. This particular episode is crucial for understanding how our fashion industry leaders' choices impact the planet, spotlighting brands and movements driving the change towards more sustainable practices.

Fav Food: Sushi at Thirteenth Water, NYC

When it comes to dining, Thirteenth Water in NYC offers a unique sushi experience. Known for its innovative dishes and exquisite flavors, it’s a culinary journey that’s both delightful and memorable. 


Hotel Highlight: Raffles, London

For those seeking a luxury stay, Raffles in London stands out with its classic charm and exceptional service. It’s an iconic spot that promises an unforgettable stay in one of the world’s most lively cities.

Sensual: Pole Dancing Classes

Why not reconnect with your sensual side through pole dancing classes? Designed to empower and boost confidence, these classes offer a fun and exhilarating way to explore female sensuality while also getting a great workout.

TV/Movie: Challengers

 “Challengers,” directed by Luca Guadagnino, is the talk of the town with its captivating narrative of love, rivalry, and redemption in the competitive world of professional tennis. Starring Zendaya and Mike Faist, this film is a compelling watch.