A Towel Specifically Made For Acne

Written by Eunoia

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Does using a wet towel on your face help with acne? Or any towel laying around the bathroom, for that matter? These are some questions you might be wondering. 

While towels are indispensable pieces of fabric in the bathroom, most of us actually don’t give much thought to them. As long as they look clean, they’re fine, right?

Common misconceptions about towels

One common misconception among people is that it’s fine to use the same towel to dry both the body and face. We’ve all done this at some point in our lives. But dermatologists believe otherwise.

People should be using a separate towel to dry the face, most especially those who are prone to acne. This is because the facial skin is very delicate and sensitive to the oil and hair from other parts of the body. Foreign objects and substances transferred to the face with the use of a towel can trigger acne.

Why should you regularly wash your towel?

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If you have been very keen on the use of your towel, you will notice a stale smell developing over time the more you use it. There will also be an observable change in color – a particular light-colored patch stain. 

What most people fail to realize is that every time we rub our skin with a towel, some of our dead skin cells will stick to the towel’s surface. These dead cells eventually attract parasites like mites, bacteria, mold, and mildew to infest the towel, thereby leading to that brown-colored stain. The moisture from the towel then serves as a water source for these microorganisms which results in that musty smell.

Now, imagine using that same towel on your face.

How often should you wash your towel?

No need to panic. While there’s no fixed standard to how often towels should be washed, you have to consider the regularity of your use of them. This can help you better determine the best time to wash your towels. In general, however, try to wash them about once a week. Definitely don’t wait more than two weeks.

What is the best face towel for acne?

It is important that you reevaluate every step of your current skincare routine. Without you knowing it, face towels have played an important role in exfoliating and bringing glow to your skin.

However, you have to be careful at choosing the best towel for your face. It should not have a rough or stiff texture as this can irritate the skin or cause other skin problems. In addition, you can also consider using towels specifically-manufactured for faces. These towels don’t harbor bacteria and don’t need a lot of water to wash.

Stepping Up Your Skincare Routine

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Yes, towels have now officially entered the skincare industry. Resorè has introduced a more innovative way of utilizing towels to alleviate skincare concerns, particularly those suffering from acne. Resorè towels are specially created from a unique blend of materials that are anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, and sensitive-skin-friendly.

Knowing how important it is to keep the face away from bacteria, Resorè made face towels suited for all types of skin – be it oily, sensitive, dry, or a combination. To protect the health of the skin, these towels have been designed to be soft, fluffy, absorbent, and bacteria-killing.

When to use the best face towels for acne?

These acne-prone face towels can be used when cleansing. Use the towel to gently massage the skin to remove oil, grit, and all those stubborn bacteria. 

After cleansing, you can use this towel to pat  your  face dry. This process can help stimulate blood flow, encourage skin cell rejuvenation, and break down pore-clogging bacteria, dirt, and sebum.

Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth for patting is essential in the skincare regimen because this can help absorb excess liquid and product. Furthermore, rubbing or buffing the skin with ordinary towels can cause redness, irritation, or worse: result in fine lines and laxity.

 How to use the best face towel for acne?

Incorporating a face towel in your skincare routine is not only easy but also advantageous. Exfoliating with a face towel is good for the skin and way less expensive than spending money in salons. Here are the simple steps for exfoliating with a face towel:

  1. Dip face towel into warm water.
  2. Wring out the towel to drain excess water.
  3. Place the towel on your face and apply gentle pressure to each part of the face.
  4. Move from the top to the middle of the face. Begin with the forehead then move to the cheeks.
  5. Be cautious with the nose area as this is one of the oiliest areas.
  6. Gradually move to the chin area.
  7. Wash your face to clean up.
  8. Gently pat your face with a new, dry towel.

NOTE: If you have sensitive skin or if you are suffering from rosacea, severe acne, and inflammation, it is highly recommended by dermatologists not to use a hot towel in cleansing your face. Steam can potentially worsen skin conditions and irritate the skin.

 Why use face towels for acne?

Resorè's towels have antibacterial ingredients, Silverbac™ and Lyocell™, that help breakdown germs and odors. This also stops the spread and incubation of bacteria that may potentially become irritants and harm the skin.

In addition, these face towels for acne are hypoallergenic (made from Lyocell™ and Rayon Bamboo) and botanically blended (derived from sustainable plant-based cellulose fibers). As these use the most advanced cellulose fibers, they can also bring back the youthful glow of the skin by keeping the skin hydrated and rejuvenated.

As sustainability is at the heart of Resorè, these face towels are meticulously manufactured to minimize the number of times you need to wash your face. These face towels for acne-prone skin are designed to stay clean even after several uses. This means that you can still keep your skin in good health while reducing the amount of water needed for washing. Interestingly, the towels can also be washed with shorter cycles and with cool water. Resorè uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

 What are the benefits of using special towels like Resorè’s?

The development of face towels for acne is very innovative. Aside from helping people keep their skin bacteria free, these towels also assist in mildly exfoliating the skin. They are made particularly for sensitive skin, so those with acne will no longer have to worry about the dirt, grit, and oil that they may get from using general towels.

In addition, the presence of antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials also aids in removing bacteria from the skin and breaking down their reproduction on the towel. This means that while you keep your skin healthy, so does the towel.

The soft and dense materials used for this towel don’t drag across the skin when drying off. It even has the ability to dry the hair up to forty percent faster than the traditional cotton towel.  

Resorè would be an amazing addition to your daily routine if you’re looking to add something fun and innovative, it is the ultimate multi-tasker. This towel will not only help with your acne, but also exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin on a daily basis, and also supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swears by it.